Contour® Beam Blade

Premium All Season Performance™

Utilizing advanced technology for all season performance — Contour Premium beam blades have an infinite amount of pressure points for better blade-to-windshield contact. Designed with a low profile to be more aerodynamic, beam blades prevent lift and noise for a smoother quieter wipe and, since beam blades have less moving parts and no superstructure, ice and snow can’t adhere to them. ANCO® offers these blades in a version that provides out-of-the-box fitment if your vehicle came equipped with beam technology, a version with our proprietary KwikConnect® Installation System to upgrade your vehicle if it was originally equipped with a conventional wiper blade and a new narrow version designed to cover the 19mm bayonet and 19mm side pin applications that are popular on many late model European vehicles.

  • Exclusive, advanced rubber compound provides a consistent streak-free wipe
  • Unique spoiler provides superior blade-to-windshield contact
  • Provides quick and easy wiper blade replacement
Available sizes: 14”- 28” lengths
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