Profile® Beam Blade

Advanced Technology For Every Vehicle™

Utilizing advanced technology for all season performance — Profile affordable beam blades are designed with a low profile to be more aerodynamic, prevent lift and noise for a smoother quieter wipe and, since beam blades have less moving parts and no superstructure, ice and snow can’t adhere to them. ANCO’s affordable Profile beam blade features patented Articulated Contact™ Technology, which permits unrestricted flexing for more uniform pressure distribution and improved conformance to today’s curved windshields. Profile is equipped with an integral, symmetrical spoiler that ensures increased down force for exceptional blade-to-glass contact and includes our exclusive DuraKlear® rubber compound for a consistent, clear wipe in a full range of weather conditions. The ANCO Profile utilizes a unique connection system that offers an ultra-low-profile design that mirrors the look of original equipment beam blades.

  • Exclusive rubber compound provides a consistent streak-free wipe
  • Unique spoiler provides superior blade-to-windshield contact
  • Provides quick and easy wiper blade replacement
Available sizes: 14”- 28” lengths
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